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Friday, May 7, 2010

Man’s purr-fect friends

Thursday May 6, 2010 Man’s purr-fect friends Story and photos by ALLISON LAI
MALACCA: For retiree 55-year-old Shamsiah Ibrahim, the cat rather than the dog is man’s best friend although the feline creatures are generally reputed to be aloof.
“Whenever I feel down, my cats will come brush their heads on my hands or legs, as if they understand my feelings. Sometimes they will just come seek attention and affection from me.
A bit of love: Cats are like humans. They need care, love, attention and a balanced diet.
“They have so much character and they are wonderful creatures. I love my cats,” said Shamsiah who has 30 cats at her home in Ampang and pampers all of them with the best money can buy.
“My cats get the best veterinary care and pedigree food. They even have their own ‘bungalow’ and playground,” she quipped, adding that she spent about RM2,000 on cat food, cat litter and vaccinations each month.
Shamsiah is particularly fond of the Maine Coon breed, which she finds highly intelligent.
She said the Maine Coons were the world’s largest cat breed and had distinctive physical appearance and muscular body, with a broad chest and big-boned frame.
A charmer: Rosziman said a Birman could easily hypnotize audience with its beautiful blue eyes, luxurious coat, enchanting colours and playful behaviour
Shamsiah was one of 50 cat enthusiasts who turned up for the Malacca Cat Show and Competition at Malacca Mall in Ayer Keroh recently.
The event, featuring more than 100 cats from all over the country, was organised by the mall and Malaysian Cat Club in collaboration with the Malacca Historic City Council.
Club treasurer Nor Hayati Zakaria said the response was overwhelming as not only cat lovers in Malacca participated in the event but also those from other states.

Among the other participants were Syahril Ibrahim and his wife Noor Hafizah M. Nawawi, 31, who brought three of their cats to participate in the show, two of which competed in the long hair category and one in the short hair category.
The couple is passionate about cats and has 11 living with them in their apartment in Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Syahril, 29, said the cats did not cause any problem as they were toilet-trained.

Winning team: Syahril (left) and his wife Noor Hafizah posed with their furry pets Tex (left) and Cal (right) that has won the title of The Most Unique Pattern in the long hair category

“We have loved cats since childhood and we are happy to have them keep us company. It is great to see them play as they are very playful creatures,” said Noor Hafizah, adding that they spend about RM500 a month on their cats.
Rosziman M. Ali, who runs a small home cattery that specialises in breeding Birman cats, said a Birman could easily enchant a person with its beautiful blue eyes, luxurious coat, colours and playfulness.
A medical doctor by profession, Rosziman said taking care of his Birmans with his wife was similar to caring for their own children.
“Their health is our priority and we breed them according to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) standards. We have also set up a website on Birman cats.
“Cats are like humans. They need care, love, attention and a balanced diet. Having them at home keeps us busy,” quipped the 45-year-old from Bukit Katil.